Golden Gate Bridge Loan

One major advantage of being affiliated with a full-service real estate brokerage is my ability to provide clients with a comprehensive set of mortgage and insurance products, which can meet your every need as a homeowner. 

HUNT Real Estate ERA has been owned and operated in New York State since 1911 as a family-owned real estate company, which provides end-to-end services for all stages of homeownership, under one roof. The HUNT family of companies include HUNT Mortgage, HUNT Insurance, Network Title Agency, HUNT Commercial and more. 

Since HUNT Mortgage’s beginning in 1984, they have provided the highest quality mortgage experience through speed, accuracy, clear communication and constant innovation. My clients have come to trust us to help them achieve faster home loan approvals and secure the lowest rates. 

Their loan officers become committed partners in the homebuying or home selling process, putting their experience and knowledge to work for you, helping you get approved for a loan that supports your long-term financial goals.

HUNT Mortgage also offers some of the industry’s most innovative products and services, including their new, exclusive Golden Gate bridge loan program. This program provides two key elements of a successful move: 

First, there is a bridge loan that frees the equity in your current home to use toward the purchase of your next home. 

The second is a guaranteed sale of your current home, allowing you to move sooner without the worry of getting your current home sold and closed.*

These two services allow a seller to enter the real estate market to find their next home with the assurance that cash will be available to close. If a licensed real estate professional affiliated with the HUNT Real Estate company is unable to sell your home, HUNT Real Estate Corporation will buy it.**

At the time of this blog post, inventories of available homes for sale in our neighborhoods are at historic lows. And, there are still many more ready, willing, and able buyers than there are available properties. Another issue that is compounding this imbalance is that there are many people living in homes that they have been in for many years who would like to move into something more appropriate for their lifestyle today, but who need or want their equity in their current home to make the move comfortably. The Golden Gate was created to address these imbalances in the market, freeing up buyers and sellers!

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